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Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

Note: According to a recent Directive from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India), Surrogacy is now not permitted for Foreign Nationals. We do not engage in surrogacy for Foreign Nationals anymore.

Surrogacy is a boon for a lady who can not carry a pregnancy due to various issues like absent uterus or malformed uterus or if she has the history of recurrent miscarriages or if she has a medical illness which is not compatible with life. Earlier there were a lot of taboos attached to surrogacy but now the society is becoming more and more open for it thanks to celebrities like Mr. Aamir Khan and Mr. Shahrukh Khan publically accepting babies born through surrogacy. Recently Tushar Kapoor has become a single parent through surrogacy. It is encouraging youth to be single, yet have their baby through surrogacy program. Another celebrity added in the list of ART reproduction. Lisa Ray had twin daughters through Surrogacy on Sept 15, 2018, she was also diagnosed with Myeloma ( Blood Cancer) in 2009. Thanks to these techniques of ART reproduction that she had now been able to have daughters of her own in spite of such a medical history. With the changing scenario, more and more people are coming forward to accept ART reproduction and also share their experiences so that others can do get the benefit from it. 

surrogacy treatment
We have Best surrogacy treatment program for needy couples. We go strictly according to the guidelines laid down by ART Bill 2013 by ICMR. These guidelines are soon going to become ART act or law.


The process of surrogacy at our centre

According to the ART bill 2013, anything related to third-party reproduction has to be done in collaboration with ART banks.W e have contracts with registered and reputed ART banks for the same. 
First of all the couple’s case history is examined and it is determined whether the couple genuinely needs surrogacy. Than our collaborator, ART banks are contacted who send us the surrogates on day 11-12 of their cycles. Surrogates are personally examined by Dr. Rashmi Sharma. A thorough history taking and examination follows and a USG is undertaken to see the endometrium. If the surrogate is found to be physically and mentally fit than their meeting is arranged between the intended parents, surrogate and her husband in the ART bank. If both the parties agree to go ahead than plan for the clinical process is laid down in which patient’s and surrogates' cycle are coordinated.

Criteria for selection of surrogate mother

star  The lady who wills to be a surrogate mother must be of between 21 to 35 years of age

star  Should not have experienced any major  illnesses in the past

star  The lady is also evaluated psychologically for stability

star  She should be having normal reproductive organs and good endometrium on midcycle ultrasound

star  The lady should not have experienced pregnancy more than thrice

star  Women without drinking and smoking habits are chosen

The surrogates are encouraged to stay in the surrogate home (with their children as well if they wish to ) which are very well maintained hostels with all the facilities. They are very well looked after throughout 9 months in the surrogate home by doctors, nurses, cook, maids especially appointed for surrogate home. The medical checkup is carried out every 15 days by Dr. Rashmi Sharma herself in order to ensure the smooth progress of pregnancy. An interaction between surrogate and intended parents is encouraged.

Cost of surrogacy treatment in Delhi

Our Surrogacy Packages are cost-effective and only the cost of IVF is paid at our center which is according to the IVF package followed for the patient including medication depending upon the patient’s ovarian reserve and sperm count. This makes us the Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi.

The financial dealing regarding surrogate is with the ART banks. We allow the patient to meet the ART bank for further follow-up and get the gross idea of the surrogacy package and legalities involved in it  (Surrogacy package is inclusive of legal fees, surrogate compensation & surrogate care)

Delivery charges are payable separately and are not included in it and in case of twin babies it varies.