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PCOD and PCOS Treatment in Delhi, India

PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease ) is becoming a very common problem in females these days, due to the rising incidence of obesity. It is a condition which is commonly found in the woman who has the family history of diabetes. It is due to the fault in the insulin action.

PCOD & PCOS  affects all the three stages of a woman's life:-
1. Adolescent stage
2. Reproductive age
3. Menopausal age .

We at Origyn Fertility & IVF under the supervision of Dr. Rashmi Sharma have done many cases of females with this problem in a best effective way and if the patient follows doctors advise than success can be achieved on it.

During adolescence - During this stage girls suffer from delayed menstrual cycles, abnormal hair growth (beard, mustache etc.) and pimples and painful acne.

During her reproductive lifespan - She is likely to suffer from infertility and if pregnant than she is high risk for gestational diabetes.

During her menopausal years - In this stage of women, she is five times more likely to develop diabetes, three times more likely to develop heart disease and more prone to develop uterine cancer.

Treatment of PCOD/PCOS - The Best Treatment for PCOD and PCOS  along with medication is based more on lifestyle modification. It mainly stays on diet control and exercise.

For infertility - We prescribe ovulation induction drugs at first followed by injections if drugs are not successful. Some patients may require laparoscopic drilling of the ovaries too. Our center is one of the best PCOD PCOS treatment providers in Delhi. 

Some patients might require IUI or IVF. Overall treatment of PCOD is likely to result in a high pregnancy rate.