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Myths and Facts about Male Infertility:

When infertility treatment begins, most men feel infertility is a woman’s issue. On the contrary, men too have their own contributions when it comes to the reality of not getting a child. In fact, 1/3rd of the cases prove that it is because solely of the male partner’s infertility, the female partner does not get pregnant. You would have known a few misconceptions and facts about male infertility. Here are a few:

  Saunas can lead to infertility in men

This is true, as the temperature level can make the sperm sluggish. The same is true for using laptops on laps. So, men need to find workout spaces for keeping the laptops rather than placing them on the laps.

  Smoking can lead to infertility.

This is absolutely true. Not only smoking but drugs and alcohol too come out with the same effect. These can bring down the sperm count and also affect the motility of the sperms. Alcohol consumption actually can affect the quality and production of the sperm.

  Weight-related issues can lead to infertility.

Yes, being obese or overweight can lead to fertility problems in men. Obesity can lead to hormonal imbalance, diabetes, and other medical conditions, and all these can affect fertility chances to a great extent.

  Being underweight does not matter.

No, as in the case of being overweight, underweight issues too can affect chances of fertility. The sperm count and functionality can be affected.

  Exercises can affect fertility.

Though moderate and simple exercises have nothing to do with the fertility issues, and at times are recommended to increase the chances of sperm count and motility, excessive exercises can really affect fertility in adverse conditions.

  Steroids cause infertility.

Yes, steroids lead to testicle shrinkage. Do not use steroids for mass building.

  Vitamin can never affect fertility

Anything in moderation is fine. But, when Vitamin C and Zinc are consumed much, the sperms clump together. The sperm quality can be affected when too much of Vitamin E is taken.