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Legalities in India:

Every country and state has its own law that abides the IVF and surrogacy procedure. In fact, there are rules and regulations for every surgical procedure and medical condition. However, there are only surrogacy guidelines in India and not laws. India has made commercial surrogacy legal from the year of 2002. Surrogacy in India is also becoming more popular. More number of fertile women can be found easier compared with that of the International markets. Another reason that surrogate women in India are preferred is because of the low cost.

As it is the most cost-effective country for surrogacy, India is the most preferred among various countries for subrogation. The laws are also flexible, which becomes another reason for India becoming the top preferred destination for surrogacy. There are a few things we do at our facility to make it easy for both the parties. We have our surrogacy plans and on the discussion, the same is revealed to the intended parents.

We offer legal counseling of surrogacy. You need to understand what are the dos and don’t’s as per the laws of the Indian government when it comes to commercial surrogacy. We help the intended parents in identifying the problems and offer the solution. To the surrogate mother, we represent the intended parents. We also offer to find the surrogate mothers through various sources. Though we stay a medium of communication between the parents and the surrogate women, they are also advised to draw a contract.

We help in the surrogacy agreement and help in the reviewing of the contract drawn. Surrogacy agreement contract is another area we help.
We do not only help the intended parents, but we also offer counseling to the surrogate woman. This is to ensure that all treatments happening in our facility abide by the law.
Our centre is registered under ICMR with enrollment number 10585 and we follow the strict guidelines and rules provided by ICMR For detailed guidelines one can have a look at ICMR website www.icmr.nic.in