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Infertility Surgery at Fertility Clinics in Delhi

At times, surgeries become a part of the fertility treatment. This may be the conventional surgery or the keyhole surgery. Both types of surgeries need general anesthetics to be administered. Keyhole surgery is often advised because it is less invasive.

A surgery is recommended to a woman for Infertility treatment if there are any of the following problems.

star  When the fallopian tubes are blocked

star  Endometriosis

star  Presence of fibroids and polyps

star  To correct uterus issues

A small incision is made in the tummy button and a small telescope is sent through the hole. Carbon dioxide is sent through to let the doctor see the internal organs. The scars and fibroids can be removed this way. This surgery is also performed to treat endometriosis.

Tubal Surgery:
Tubal surgery is suggested when the fallopian tubes have a problem and the same can affect the success of your IVF. Either laparoscopy or a microsurgery can be chosen based on the condition of the patient and the condition of the fallopian tubes.

This surgery is done to reverse sterilization, remove the blocks in the tubes, and remove the scars.

Surgeries for Male Infertility:
Some special techniques to solve the problems with small structures are used for surgery in male infertility. When the sperm count is low or nil in men, then this surgery is done. For the following problems, microsurgery is used for infertility treatment in men.

star  Vasectomy reversal

star  To avoid epididymis block

star  Varicose cure in testis

star  In case, there are no sperms in the testis, the microsurgery is the method used to retrieve sperm from the testis. This is the procedure required in ICSI.

When microsurgery is done, the procedure takes place in a day, but one needs rest for a week to return to the normal routine. The doctors come up with various surgical options depending on the condition of the patients. We are one of the Best Fertility Clinics in Delhi to provide services for all kind of Infertility treatment.