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ICSI Treatment in Delhi:

ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a highly sophisticated technique and revolution in the field of male infertility since the 1980s. It is a boon for couples with sperm problems and until now millions of babies have been born through ICSI, giving hope to countless men and women with male factor infertility.ICSI treatment

What is ICSI?

It means picking a single sperm and directly injecting it into the egg through micromanipulative techniques using very high-resolution microscopes.

We have the best NIKON microscope from Japan and NARASHIGE micromanipulator, also from Japan (supposed to be the best for ICSI)

Our embryologist is one of the best to perform ICSI in India and we boast of very high success rate in ICSI.

We are the best to provide ICSI treatment in Delhi.

ICSI is indicated when 
star   Sperm count is low 

star   Sperm motility is poor 

star   There are defects in sperm structure 

star   Sperms are zero in semen and have to be retrieved from testis through aspiration or minor surgery (PESA, TESA, Testicular biopsy)

star   In cases where previously vasectomy has been done for male contraception

star   Also in cases where infertility is unexplained ( Unexplained Infertility)

star   Where there is a history of total fertilization failure in previous IVF cycle 

star   At times when the egg number is low 

star   In cases where PGS or PGD is indicated 

star   in cases when frozen oocytes are being utilized