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How to prepare yourself for IVF?

When you have decided to go for IVF procedure, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for higher success rate in getting pregnant. You need to start off with speaking to our doctors regarding the dos and donts. Here are other things you can do to get your IVF successful.

  Go for nutritional foods. They help you keep healthy and improve the chances of getting pregnant. Your diet should consist more protein. Take more  pulses,milk,beans,lean meat, organic meat, eggs, fish and lentils.

  For successful fertilization higher amount of calcium is necessary. Take calcium rich foods like yoghurt, tofu, almonds, green leafy veggies, spinach and collards.

   Take foods that are rich in folic acid. You can find folic acid in beans, vegetables, fruits, cereals and breads. You can also get folic acid supplements prescribed by the doctors.

  Check with our doctors for the multivitamin supplements

  You need to keep yourself hydrated for successful IVF. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

  Caffeine & alcohol intake should be reduced, and if possible should be stopped completely.

  If you or your partner smokes, stop it immediately. The chances for success go higher.

  Start doing gentle workouts, like walking, jogging, and yoga

  IVF will be successful if you are emotionally healthy. If you are stressed and anxious, this may not work out. So, share your feeling with your family and friends. Try stress busters.

  Don’t panic or get scared. This always have negative effects on success.

  Speak out your emotions to your husband. Spend happy times and have a good laugh, it certainly helps.

  You can find support groups and forums. Try to find real experiences and empower yourself.

Speak to our doctors and identify where you need to work physically and emotionally.