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Gynecological Surgery

Surgeries are needed at various steps in infertility treatment. Dr. Rashmi Sharma is an expert laparoscopic surgeon, well trained in all types of infertility surgeries like cyst removal, fibroid removal, operations to open the tubes, operations to correct the uterine cavity . These surgeries are carried out in the Pitampura itself . Operation theatre in  Pitampura is equipped with world-class instruments, ICU  and manpower like experienced anaesthetists and surgeons . Here is a brief description of common surgeries undertaken at our centre during the course of treatment .


A small telescope is inserted through the incision near the belly button, and the carbon dioxide gas is sent into create space for the surgeon to see the internal organs. The reproductive organs can be analyzed for cysts and various other conditions that lead to infertility with this procedure and if a correctable deformity is found, it is taken care of in the same sitting . Usually, its a day care surgery .


A small telescope is inserted in the uterus through the vagina to have a look in to the uterus and if some pathology like polyp, fibroid, adhesions are found thes are corrected simultaneously to make uterus suitable for implantation . There are no cuts in this operation and this is also a day care surgery

Endometriosis Removal

Endometriosis is  a very common cause of infertility and requires surgery many times but it requires a very good expert surgeon to do a thourough job. We are dealing with a lot of endometriotic cases on daily basis and pride our self in providing the most clean, safe, good surgery for the same.

Laparoscopy for ovarian cysts

Cysts that are more than 5 cm are removed through the laparoscopic procedure. We also have successfully removed cysts even larger than the mentioned size. The largest cyst removed in our centre was 20 cm in size.


This is a surgery to remove the fibroids in the uterus. There are 3 popular techniques associated, laparoscopic myomectomy, abdominal myomectomy and hysteroscopy myomectomy. The techniques are chosen based on the size of the fibroids.

We take real good care of our patients and safety first is our moto and till now we have hundreds of surgeries to our credit without any complications .