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Searching for Egg Donation Clinic/Agencies in India?

A patient may require eggs from another lady if the patient’s own egg reserve is finished due to older age or ovarian surgery/pathology. Also at times, the egg quality may be poor leading to repeated IVF failures.

We have a very successful Egg donation program at our center. We follow all the principles laid down by ART Bill 2013 (soon going to become a law in India).

The donors are chosen through our collaborator ART banks (Artificial reproductive technology banks). We have the largest choice of Indian donors with us. We also have a successful collaboration with Caucasian donor agencies if a Caucasian donor is the need.

We always encourage professional egg donation (where a fertile young donor lady undergoes IVF to donate eggs for one patient) rather than egg sharing (where eggs are shared with a couple undergoing IVF for themselves) as egg sharing compromises both IVF cycles.

Selection Criteria for Donors

We always choose a lady who has kids of her own (so proven fertility) and is less than 30 years and resembles the recipient (patient) as closely as possible. When the donor lady is first time examined she is thoroughly interviewed to rule out any genetic illnesses in her family. Than a USG is carried out to look for AFC(antral follicle count). If AFC seems to be good on initial USG, her AMH and thalassemia testing is done. She is recruited in the program if both these tests are normally followed by another testing like viral markers, hormones, Hb etc.

We take good care of our donor ladies. They receive all the injection in the centre itself. The egg donation in India is completely anonymous, so personal identification of the donor lady to the patients is prohibited by law. You would be provided with the detailed profile as how she looks, age, how many kids,  what ethnicity, educational qualifications etc before you decide upon one donor woman.

All the eggs from one donor are for one couple only. We never share eggs unless specially requested by two couples.

the success rate with egg donation is very high ( 70-80%) as we do thorough homework before going ahead with the IVF cycle that includes thorough workup of the patient’s uterine receptivity as well.

Overall time required for such cycle is usually 2 months. In the first month, we like to do mock endometrial preparation and if required hysteroscopy and endometrial scratching of the patient herself, meanwhile the same month is utilized in finding the right donor for you. In the second month, the actual cycle is undertaken. In the case of Overseas/International patients, these things can be coordinated through E-mails and checkups in their respective countries so that the actual time required in India is shortened to approximately 10-15 days.