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Overcoming infertility.

In a country like India, where childbirth and pregnancy are very emotional and sensitive issues, I have faced an even stronger reality in case of my inability to conceive. I was not becoming a mother because my husband’s sperm was not traveling well to my fallopian tubes to fuse with my egg. However, without losing hope, we went to the best clinics in Delhi and sought for a treatment.

The skilled and experienced doctors in the clinic told us that we had two options. The first one is the ICSI treatment Delhi or the intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection where the sperm is directly injected into the egg. This process was a very useful one as described by the doctors as the sperm was otherwise low in the count and unable to travel long. However, we also had another option was to go to an IVF clinic in Delhi https://www.drrashmisharma.com/ivf-treatment.php, where I was supposed to undergo a small surgery where the doctors would collect my egg and fuse it outside the body. Although it is called a surgery, it is a simple process of inserting a needle-like equipment through the vagina up to the ovary and collect approximately 9 or 10 eggs.

However, the doctors told us that in case my husband’s sperm is not healthy enough to fuse with the egg, we can also go for a sperm donation India. However, we were lucky enough to get help from the best doctors and I succeeded in conceiving our own baby.

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