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Blastocyst Transfer:

In the IVF treatment, the sperm and egg are combined and left to fertilize in a laboratory. Only after an embryo is formed, it is placed inside the uterus.  This process allows us to identify the best and healthy embryo to be transferred. It is basically a process of selecting the best embryo.

When younger women go for IVF, blastocyst transfer is considered to increase the success rate of pregnancy also when there are cases of the IVF failures thought to be due to the failure of implantation, in spite of the embryo quality being good, the patients are suggested blastocyst transfer.

What makes the blastocyst transfer different to the embryo transfer is that the embryo is cultured in the laboratory incubator for 5 to 6 days, instead of implanting in 2 or 3 days. However, there are few risks are involved. Not all embryos grow into the blastocysts in the laboratory. It is especially suggested only in case of surplus embryos on day 3 if the number of embryos itself is less on day2/ day3, It is better to transfer on day2 /day3. We are very much inclined to do blastocyst transfer If we have the sufficient number of embryos on day 3. Our doctors would identify the best transfer for your case on day 3 of ovum pick up (OPU).