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IVF Specialist Doctor in Delhi, Dr. Rashmi Sharma


Dr. Rashmi Sharma, Sr. IVF Consultant & Director, Origyn Fertility & IVF Specialist Doctor in Delhi, India. She has always been a reason for million dollar smile for childless couples all over the world. It is an Initiative to originate new life, through the best team efforts.




To Provide the Best Infertility Treatment, IVF Treatment with cutting edge technology, compassionate care at an affordable cost & to give our best.

Why should you choose us Origyn IVF Center?

star  We are a state of art institute, Accredited by ICMR.( Indian Council of Medical Research)

star  The entire infrastructure is well equipped with new technologically advanced IVF machines and equipment.

star  The hygienic atmosphere of our center which follows all norms of NABH, and entire treatment under one roof with no running around.

star  We provide compassionate, personalized care with respect to patient’s dignity and value to his time. We are a recipient of "Best IVF Centre in Delhi" award in October 2014 at the Global healthcare excellence awards ceremony.

star  Our Senior IVF specialist Dr. Rashmi Sharma gives personal attention to all patients by discussing with them minute details related to IVF along with complete guidance at each level of IVF treatment.

star  She is one of the Best IVF specialists in Delhi and is very transparent, ethical in her approach. We are proud and very satisfied to have an outstanding success rate under her expert guidance.

star  Dr. Rashmi Sharma, IVF Doctor was honored with the prestigious "Medical Excellence Award" for her exemplary contribution in the field of Reproductive Medicine and infertility treatment on the eve of Republic Day 2014 at Indian Medical Association, IMA Hall, Daryaganj, Delhi.

star  Each and every member of our team is highly qualified and committed towards best patient care and not only they give medical treatment to the patient but also counsel them and prepare them physically and emotionally for the journey ahead.

star   We are able to help almost 100% couples with latest techniques like IVF, ICSI, TESA, PESA, Blastocyst transfer, embryo glue, PGD/PGS, PCOD/PCOS, Egg donation and Surrogacy.

star  We are one of the very few centers who have expertise in advanced techniques like PGD and PGS (preimplantation genetic diagnosis for heritable diseases in the family or preimplantation genetic screening ) for repeated abortions and repeated IVF failures.

star  We are one of the first centers in North India to start using Embryo Glue technique.

star  We take pride in successfully dealing with patients of multiple IVF failure cases. Our center is registered under ICMR with enrollment number 10585 and we follow the strict guidelines and rules provided by ICMR For detailed guidelines one can have a look at ICMR website www.icmr.nic.in

star Recently at our center, we had a case of a patient who had lost hope, with thin endometrium lining and poor ovarian reserve (POR) where with the use of Embryo glue and G - CSF injection conception happened.
 star The Rarest case of March 2017  of the previous history of 8 IVF failures and one ectopic pregnancy: 4 self-egg IVF and 4 Donor egg IVF along with 4 miscarriages ( All IVF pregnancies). Her AMH was <1.0 along with male factor ( Oligoasthenoospermia). This patient came to us for surrogacy but with commendable team effort and analysis of Dr. Rashmi Sharma, she conceived at Origyn and successfully in the first attempt delivered twins babies.
star One of the miracles also happened  ( July 2016) where 30 years old lady with Poor AMH (0.17 NG/ML) came to us. All other centers had advised her  IVF with Donor egg, but we took a chance and we succeeded in the second cycle of IUI.
star We are proud to announce that in November 2014 we had a successful pregnancy in a patient of 10 IVF failures !!!.
star Recently a 49-year-old lady has been blessed with a child (she lost her grown-up kid in an accident)
star An Overweight lady of  140 kg successfully delivered twin IVF babies (March 2015).   

Origyn - One of the Best IVF Centers in India

Dr Rashmi Sharma
Dr. Rashmi Sharma

( Obs & Gyne, BHU),
DNB, MNAMS, FICOG, Trained in IVF at Kiel University, Germany

Origyn Fertility & IVF

Dr Rashmi Sharma Sr. IVF Consultant & Director, Origyn Fertility & IVF New Delhi , India

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