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Test Tube Baby Center in Delhi, India

IVF -In Vitro Fertilisation or Test tube Baby is the most commonly term these days and have proven  boon for childless couples where other Infertility treatment fails .The current advancement in this technique has lead to higher success rate. Our center is equipped with highly advanced, Embyology Laboratory where we fertilise embyros. Our IVF packages are low cost IVF packages. We have bagged the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi Award because of our  transparent and ethical practice. The IVF Packages offered are competetive and inclusive of all medications within , so as no extra money is imposed on the intended  and distressed parents.We are the right desination for the people who are looking for low cost IVF Treatment in Delhi. We are keeping our costs comparatively very low as compared to IVF Cost in India.

Procedure : The eggs of female partner  and sperms of male partner are fertilized in an IVF lab outside the body where an embryo  are formed after fertilization . The embryo is grown in the lab for 3 to 5 days and then put inside the uterus with a simple catheter.
IVF Treatment in Delhi, India with the expanding prevalence, numerous couples strive for IVF techniques. We follow the best standards available for IVF treatment in India.

If  you and your spouse confront any of the accompanying infertility issues, then  at our centre we try to rule out the cause so to provide IVF treatment in best  way.

ivf treatment
When you need IVF?

star   Endometriosis

star   Low sperm count or nil sperms 

star  Ovulation issues

star  Blocked  fallopian tubes 

star  Problem with the uterus 

star  Unexplained infertility 

We never try for IVF as the first step. We permit time for different medication to work and afterward IVF is the finally suggested. When no other medicines or IUI cycles are unable to meet expectations than IVF is prescribed for the intended couple. Before undergoing IVF Treatment it is essential to comprehend the steps included in it.

 Steps of IVF :

1.  Injections to form many eggs .
2.  Follicular study to determine the dose of injections .
3.  When the follicle size reaches approx. 18 mm , an injection  for final maturation of eggs
4.  Egg retrieval under anaesthesia and USG guidance . this step requires 3 - 4 hours of admission in the IVF centre.
5.  Fertilization of the retrived eggs with the sperms of husband by IVF or ICSI
6.  Resuting embryos are grown in the lab for 3 - 5 days
7.  Decision to transfer the embryos is taken on day 2-3 after discussion with patient about the number of embryos to be transfered .
8.  Embryo transfer is done under USG guidance .It is a very gentle and painless procedure .
9.  12 days following Embryo transfer , blood test is done to detrmine the success of IVF treatment